The blood is dry… SSG-KIA-Dusan’s ‘Five Great Battles’ without gunfire

As the baseball season winds down, so does the competition for postseason tickets.
Teams in the fall baseball bracket are taking every game like it’s their last.
Hanjun Kim is a reporter.

After hitting a home run, a triple, and a double, Doosan’s Kang Seung-ho steps to the plate with the game tied in the top of the ninth inning.

He hits a single directly at the pitcher, completing the KBO’s first ever “reverse cycle.

However, Kang Seung-ho said he was aiming for a long hit that would lead directly to a run, not the cycle.

▶ Interview: Kang Seung-ho / Doosan Bears infielder

  • “The team was not in a position to spare, so I was thinking more about long hits than short ones. Luckily….”

In fact, as Seung-ho Kang says, team wins are more important to Doosan than individual records.

Especially against KIA, which is competing for a fall baseball ticket, it was a must-win.

The same goes for Kia and SSG, who are in a five-way race with Doosan.안전놀이터

With last year’s champion SSG slipping to fourth place after being in the lead for the first half of the season, KIA and Doosan have stepped up to the plate, creating an epic five-way battle for the top spot.

Interview: Kim Jong-guk / Head Coach, KIA Tigers

  • “I don’t think the standings are important right now, we’re just trying to win as many games as we can….”

Three teams with nowhere to go but up, adding to the fun of late-season professional baseball.

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