The task that DB Acting Supervisor Kim Joo-seong needs to solve is

Reduce your early losses… 1st and 2nd Quarter

Confidence, desperate need for fighting spirit… Losing the consciousness

of defeat Lee Sang-beom, coach of the professional basketball DB, chose to resign voluntarily on the 5th. DB ranked 9th out of 10 clubs with 11 wins and 18 losses in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular league by the 4th. Head coach Kim Seong-cheol also left the team with Lee. The voluntary resignation of head coach Lee and head coach Kim means not only that they take responsibility for the poor performance, but also that they will give strength to coach Kim Joo-seong.

As expected, DB appointed coach Kim Joo-sung as acting manager. And the team quickly found stability. Acting coach Kim kept the DB from the moment he was nominated as the first overall pick in the 2002 rookie draft until his retirement in 2018.

He won the Rookie of the Year award in the 2002-2003 season. Acting coach Kim was a star center that made a double wall with Seo Jang-hoon (retired) during his active career. Acting manager Kim led the team to three championships during his playing days, and was honored with two regular league MVPs and two championship MVPs. Since he knows DB better than anyone else, it is only natural that acting manager Kim was chosen as the right person for the probation.

Acting manager Kim made his debut as a command tower in an away game in Ulsan on the 7th, beating Hyundai Mobis 94-90 and reporting his first win. It wasn’t easy. Although it was a close match with an extension, acting coach Kim and DB did not give up and won a valuable victory. The DB players ran to acting manager Kim, who was giving a victory interview, and showered them with water to celebrate the victory. Although they suffered a lot from falling into the bottom ranks due to sluggishness, DB players enjoyed a long-awaited victory with acting coach Kim.

However, acting manager Kim has many challenges to solve. Among them, the defensive organization ranks first. DB is last among 10 clubs with 85.4 runs per game this season. DB is the only one who has lost 85 points. If you do not reduce the number of points, it is difficult to escape the lower ranks. Especially in the beginning, the first half is noticeable. DB averaged 22.0 runs per quarter. The second quarter is 21.7. Both the first and second quarters were in last place. They are being dragged from the beginning, and it is difficult to win because they are already far behind in the first half. 온라인바카라

Confidence is also a priority. If you don’t throw away the sense of defeat, ‘I lost again today’, no matter how great a command tower is, there will be more days of defeat. In sports, if you don’t have fighting spirit, you can’t win.

If acting coach Kim finds an idea to strengthen the defense and boost the team’s morale, DB can create a rebound. Sports aren’t over until they’re over, and there’s still a lot of competition left. Leader Kim Joo-seong faced both a hurdle and an opportunity.

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