“There is no professional consciousness” Park Nam-yeol’s resolute remark, the final shock wave for the new team 

“There is no professional consciousness. Regretful.”

It is truly a ‘remarkable statement’. Head coach Park Nam-yeol, who leads Cheonan City FC, a “new team” that has participated in the K-League 2 since this season, said with a frustrated expression after losing 0-2 to Seongnam FC in the 7th round of the regular league on the 16th.

Cheonan is at the bottom, having lost all seven games since the opening.

Coach Park pointed out that the team had just turned from an amateur to a professional and had a poor squad, but the player’s attitude was a problem.먹튀검증

He said, “I am under a lot of stress. how to say Although our team has just started, the players lack professionalism. It’s a little sad to see him come out of the playground,” he pointed out.

He continued, “(Ball) copes too easily in a competitive situation. Pro is where you compete. You don’t just run when the opportunity comes, you have to find your own while competing within the team. I think that aspect is lacking,” he said bitterly.

Coach Park replaced midfielder Yoon Yong-ho, who was sent as a starter against Seongnam, with Kim Hyun-joong in the 29th minute of the first half.

Even with this in mind, “There is (problem) performance, but the attitude on the playground… “Don’t just lose (the ball). The game without sincerity was not helpful to the team, so I took it out boldly.” Park’s remarks were unusually high enough to openly criticize a particular player’s play.

Regarding the draw and slump after the opening before the game, coach Park said, “I am impatient, but I try not to burden the players.” He showed his will to play with the goal of ‘getting the first victory point’ rather than winning while caring for the player’s heart as much as possible.

However, he believed that the player’s playing posture was out of order, and immediately after the game against Seongnam, he openly delivered a critical message.

On this day, Cheonan faced Seongnam and took a 11-9 lead in the number of shots. However, in the 30th and 39th minutes of the second half, they lost by conceding consecutive mid-range shots to their opponents ‘substitutes’ Jeong Han-min and Denilson. It was a game that was more desperate than ever, but the difference in decision power could not be overcome.

Director Park also said, “Isn’t that a pro? His specialty is turning the opponent’s small mistakes into goals. I feel like I’ve learned it again,” he said.

As of the 17th, Cheonan showed signs of fighting spirit in its own way, such as being in the top ranks in key defense indicators, including the league’s first overall interception (266). Nevertheless, the reason why coach Park mentioned ‘professional consciousness’ is that he wants higher concentration in the game. It’s no different from ‘The Last Shockwave’.

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