“They play baseball on a different level” 34 players, 36.1 scoreless innings, bullpen ERA ‘0’, entire team 0.77 Yakult strong mound

It’s like playing baseball on a different level.

From the opening game, the average ERA of the bullpen in 9 games is ‘0’. 34 relief pitchers took the mound and blocked 36⅓ scoreless innings. He also has a team ERA of 0.77. Thirteen out of 17 pitchers who pitched in first-team games this season have an ERA of ‘0’.

It is an unrealistic record no matter how much Nippon Professional Baseball calls it a ‘throw hitter’. The Yakult Swallows, who are aiming for their third consecutive victory in the Central League, are running ahead with their powerful pitching power.토토사이트

Yakult played an away game against the Hanshin Tigers held at Nishinomiya Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture on the 9th and ended in a draw in the 12th inning. After trailing 0-1, the score was tied 1-1 in the 7th inning, and it was dragged to an overtime draw without any additional runs.

Kojiro Yoshimura, the first-choice rookie pitcher this year, who started as a starter, passed the mound after giving up 4 hits and 1 run in 5 innings. After that, 8 relievers came out and sealed 7 innings with 5 hits and no runs.

From the 6th inning, Tomoya Hoshi, Daichi Ishiyama, Noboru Shimizu, and Naofumi Kija took responsibility for one inning each. Kazuto Taguchi in the 10th overtime, and Reiji Kozawa in the 11th followed. Then, Daikio Yamamoto threw ⅓ innings and Hiroki Onishi threw ⅔ innings for 12 extra innings. It was the first overtime draw in Japanese professional baseball this season.

In the 9th inning, with 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases, there was a risk of losing, but it was over. WBC (World Baseball Classic) Japanese national team catcher Yuhei Nagamura led the pitching staff.

It was a perfect strategy that can only be expressed with the word ‘iron wall’.

Yakult coach Shingo Takatsu said, “It’s amazing. The pitchers pitched well in the game. I threw it hard because I didn’t want to lose to the overtime.”

The team ERA, not a specific player record, is 0.77. It is the only team’s ERA in the 0-point range among 12 teams in both leagues in Japan. Pacific League’s Softbank Hawks (1.52) and Seibu Lions (1.90) 1 point

is maintaining the

This is a pitching ability that KBO league coaches would envy.

As of the 10th, the overall ERA of the KBO League is 3.87. The LG Twins (2.47), NC Dinos (2.61), and SSG Landers (2.83) are in the 2-point range, and the Samsung Lions are in last place with 5.34. As for the average ERA of relief pitchers, SSG ranks first with 0.76 and Lotte ranks lowest with 8.15.

The other line has not yet been activated. The team’s batting average was 106.8. overall last Murakami Munetaka, who hit 56 home runs last year, batting average of 2.2 1.2 – 1 home run – 5 RBIs, center hitter Yamada Tetsuto 1.07 6 Lee – 2 home runs – 5 RBIs, the main foreign hitter Jose Osuna is recording 2.19 li, 3 homers, and 4 RBIs. Murakami and Yamada are WBC winning members.

Besides Yakult, the Pacific League’s Rakuten Eagles (108 400) and Nippon Ham Fighters (109 100) are staying in the 100% team batting average.

As of the 10th, Yakult has 6 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, with a win rate of 7.5%. It is the sole first place, 0.5 games ahead of second place Hanshin.

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