“Throw your head”… Jo Yoon-seong, tips to improve distance to his wife

On the 29th of last month, in episode 214 of ‘Golf Lesson for Wife’ uploaded on ‘Golfman Jo Yoon-seong TV’, there was a picture of Cho Yoon-seong’s wife taking a lesson, who is worried about flying distance. On this day, his wife confided her concerns, saying that even if she leaned back and stretched out her arms, her flight distance did not increase, and she felt that her swing was cut off in the middle. 슬롯사이트

In response, Jo Yoon-seong gave advice, “Rather than stretching out her arms as hard as she could, hit with the idea of ​​throwing the club head.” The reason was that if excessive force was applied during the backswing, the follow-through motion could not be connected naturally, resulting in reduced efficiency. He said, “The more you don’t move your body during the backswing and do the follow-through with less force, the cooler the swing and the longer the flight distance.”

Later, after Jo Yoon-seong showed his demonstration movements, there was a scene where his wife imitated them and practiced them. Her wife immersed herself in her practice, learning the natural feel of throwing her clubhead with minimal upper body movement. His wife, who recorded a distance of 163m right before the lesson, gradually improved her skills, and her last swing exceeded the distance of 197m, her best record.

My wife was surprised, saying, “I have hit the ball as hard as I can, but I haven’t been able to get this far.”

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