‘To the extent that Boyan comes to mind’…Barsa ‘pushed genius’ shouts to leave

Ansu party in Barcelona is in crisis.

Partey is Barcelona’s promising talent. In September 2020, he moved up to the first team from the Barcelona B team and made his professional debut. He brought his freshness that season with 4 goals and 1 assist in 7 appearances, but injuries hampered the rest of the season.

His injuries continued to haunt him. In the 2021-22 season, the following year, the party only played 10 games due to injury. And this season, he is playing in 24 league games, but he has been pushed out of the starting lineup. Lionel Messi left for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the party took over the symbolic number 10, but it is showing a performance below expectations. 토토사이트

This season, coach Xabi has been alternating between Party and Gabi as a left winger. It is a party that exerts its power on the left winger of the 4-3-3 formation, but it does not reach Gabi’s linkage and build-up ability, so coach Xabi tends to prefer Gabi to a straight party.

Accordingly, Party’s father, Bori Party, expressed his dissatisfaction with his son’s reduced playing time. Bori said, “I once asked Xavi why I didn’t appoint Ansu, but I didn’t get an answer. He said Ansu had to work harder, and as a father, I was disappointed.”

He continued, “I told Bishop Xavi to just give me a chance. Should we forget about the ordination already?” As his father, it was a pity that there were few opportunities to participate in the party.

This is the part that proves the position of the recently pushed party. As a result, claims have recently been raised that the party should leave Barcelona. Global media ‘Goal.com’ said, “At this point, it is right for Barcelona and Fati to part for each other. The party is growing correctly, but will fall into the familiar trap of Barcelona.”

The media added, “In fact, Rafinha was disciplined and Ousmane Dembele could not play due to injury. So, the party has to wait for the match against Elche on the 2nd (Korean time), but everyone is talking about the future about him.”

At the same time, the media also mentioned Boyan Krkic. Boyan, who was called ‘the second Lionel Messi’ in the past, did not grow as much as expected. ‘Goal.com’ commented, “If the party does not leave, it can become the ‘next boyan.’ Meanwhile, Boyan took off his football boots at the age of 32 announcing his recent retirement. Concerns are mounting as the party’s place in Barcelona dwindles.

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