“Torres was like that at first too”… Benitez defends ‘100 million euro man’ Nuñez

Liverpool coach Rafael Benitez, who led Liverpool in the past, saw Darwin Nunez and thought of Fernando Torres.

In an interview with British media Sky Sports on the 19th (Korean time), coach Benítez compared Núñez to Torres, who was one of Liverpool’s best strikers in the past.

Nuñez landed a new nest in Liverpool when he was recruited for a whopping 100 million euros (approximately 138.9 billion won) including options in the transfer market last summer.

Nuñez, whose strength is his fast speed and powerful shooting, has scored 6 goals in 17 league games this season, and is being evaluated as lacking attack points compared to the astronomical transfer fee.

As Núñez struggled to adapt to one of the world’s best football stages, the English Premier League, former Liverpool manager Benítez defended Núñez, citing Torres as an example.

Coach Benítez claimed, “Núñez is a hard worker. He constantly runs to create chances during the game. If Núñez scores a great goal, the coach will be very happy.”

Regarding Núñez’s qualities, Benítez explained, “If you are the manager of the opposing team, you will be very worried. Núñez has the speed to go ahead even when running from behind, so he always makes the opposing team manager worry.” 안전놀이터

Commenting on Núñez, manager Benítez said: “It was like that when Fernando Torres first came to Liverpool. He found it difficult to capitalize on scoring opportunities,” referring to former Liverpool striker Torres.

“Torres was a great player, but he wasn’t a great finisher,” he added. “He worked with us, and as a result, he became the Fernando Torres we know.”

Torres joined Liverpool in the summer of 2007 with high expectations, but his performances were lackluster, scoring just four goals in his first 11 league matches.

Benítez has not lost faith in Torres, even as he suffers from a scoring drought. As a result, Torres scored a whopping 20 goals in the following 22 games, taking his first season with Liverpool to 24 league goals.

Since then, Torres has had a fantastic collaboration with Liverpool’s ‘eternal captain’ Steven Gerrard, forming a so-called ‘Zetto Line’ and serving as Liverpool’s main goalkeeper until leaving for Chelsea in January 2011.

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