‘Transparency-Political Separation’…The direction that Seongnam FC emphasized as much as promotion in the 2023 season

Transparency and political separation. It is a value that Seongnam FC values ​​as much as the promotion challenge in the 2023 season.

Seongnam FC struggled both inside and outside the game last season. Internally, he suffered from poor performance and was under threat of relegation. Externally, the issue of donations to Seongnam FC, which had been a problem since Lee Jae-myeong, the current leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, was a presidential candidate, caused a draft, and after the local elections, when Mayor Shin Sang-jin was elected, talk of sale, dissolution, and relocation of related places came out.

It caused a huge wave in the domestic soccer world, and most of the K-League supporters, including Seongnam fans, came out and shouted against the dissolution of Seongnam. After twists and turns, the club was maintained as it was, but it bowed its head as it was relegated. Ahead of this season, the squad changed a lot. It was a big deal to organize high-income earners in a reduced budget. The central axes such as Mulich, Minhyuk Kim, Jeun Yeon, and Wankyu Kwon went out and suffered severe blows.

Many things happened simultaneously in a short period of time, and Seongnam was shaken. After the 2023 season, Seongnam appointed coach Lee Ki-hyung and brought in CEO Kim Young-ha to start a new game. Players with high names went out, but young and strong-willed players such as Jung Han-min, Yoo Joo-an, Park Sang-hyuk, and Lee Sang-min came in. At the launch ceremony of Seongnam FC on the 18th, everyone shouted, “This year is promotion.”

The slogan is ‘Spread your wings! Change together, endless challenge’. Even the commemorative muffler given to the fans who visited the ceremony had the word ‘Change (change), Challenge (challenge)’ to solidify their ambition. Although the player base is thinner than before, support for the club is reduced, and it starts in the K-League 2, it is full of will to challenge in the big goal of promotion. Coach Lee Ki-hyung, captain Shim Dong-woon, and veteran Lee Jong-ho all expressed their confidence, saying they saw potential through field training.

The value emphasized by Seongnam stood out as much as the promotion. It was ‘Clean (transparency)’ written on the muffler along with ‘Change (change) and Challenge (challenge)’. It seems that Seongnam FC has been conscious of the fact that it has been featured a lot in social news, not sports news, for the past year. It was confirmed to fans by writing on a commemorative muffler that they would create a Seongnam that was different from before with transparency at the forefront. 슬롯사이트

Shin Sang-jin, mayor of Seongnam and owner of Seongnam FC, also mentioned in his congratulatory speech that ‘transparency’ is the most important thing. Mayor Shin Sang-jin said, “Last year, Seongnam spent 15 billion won in taxes without corporate support, but it was demoted and it went up and down in the media badly. We will eliminate the non-transparent management and sloppy parts and make Seongnam FC a venue for great integration in Seongnam City.”

At the same time, he insisted that the value of transparency was applied from the appointment of the director and CEO. Mayor Shin Sang-jin emphasized, “When I was appointing director Lee Ki-hyung and CEO Kim Young-ha, I did not know their faces and brought them in without anyone’s recommendation. I saw them for the first time when I was given a letter of appointment.” The desire to change the club, which was stained with all sorts of suspicions, and to pursue a change in image, while achieving sexual and economic results, seemed strong.

Park Gwang-soon, chairman of the Seongnam City Council, went further and called for ‘political separation’. Chairman Park Gwang-soon said, “Seongnam FC should be a catalyst to connect citizens, but it has received distrust and suspicion from the whole people due to various problems. “We must actively support the team. Politics and ideology should not be involved in sports. Only then will sports grow. Seongnam City Council will also support the development of Seongnam FC.”

Due to the nature of the citizen team, it is impossible to be completely independent from politics. Still, the new Seongnam seems to have a strong desire to break away from the past too heavily involved in politics. It remains to be seen whether Seongnam will successfully complete the 2023 season by capturing all three rabbits it wants, from promotion, transparency, and political separation.

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