Two months missing from ‘Captain Lloris’… Son Heung-min is not a candidate to wear an armband

Reporter Cho Yong-woon = Tottenham Hotspur cannot be with the captain until March or April.

Tottenham announced on the 9th (Korean time), “Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris will be out for 6-8 weeks due to ligament damage suffered during the match against Manchester City.” Even if Lloris recovers quickly, it is expected that he will be able to play in March.

Lloris is the heart of Tottenham. He shows his outstanding appearance by taking over as captain and starting goalkeeper. Although he made a lot of mistakes this season, he showed a decisive save against Manchester City recently, leading the victory and boasting unchanging weight. 카지노사이트

While Lloris is missing, he needs to find a replacement to act as a mental support. Tottenham’s armband is naturally inherited by vice-captain Harry Kane and continues the game. Kane is unlikely to suffer from a leader absence as he is a full-time fighter unless he suffers a special injury. Still, it is necessary to adjust the captaincy for the time being.

British media ‘Football London’ also said, “It seems that Kane will inherit the armband for a while, so a temporary vice-captain is needed.” Eric Dyer is the most likely, and Pierre-Emile Hoivier is another candidate considering his leadership qualities and influence on Tottenham. will be,” he said.

Unfortunately, Son Heung-min was not mentioned. He has enough experience playing for Tottenham and is playing the role of captain in the Korean national soccer team, so he could be a candidate, but there was no mention in Tottenham’s captain’s ranking. Son Heung-min wore the captain’s armband for the first time since joining Tottenham in a pre-season match against Watford in 2020, led by coach Jose Mourinho.

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