‘Vietnamese national hero’ Park Hang-seo, coming 14th Golden Homecoming

 Former coach Park Hang-seo, a national hero of Vietnam, returns in gold.

Park Hang-seo’s side said in a press release on the 10th that Park Hang-seo, former head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team, will arrive at Incheon International Airport on the 14th. 

In September 2017, Park Hang-seo took over as head coach of the Vietnam national football team and the U23 national team. He led Vietnam with head coach Lee Young-jin and local coaches and made history for 5 years. 

In January 2018, coach Park, who started the history of Vietnamese football as the runner-up in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) U23 Asian Cup held in China, led the same members to advance to the semifinals for the first time in history at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in September. succeded. 

In December 2018, he was reborn as a national hero by leading the championship in 10 years at the AFF (ASEAN Football Federation) Suzuki Cup (predecessor of the Mitsubishi Electric Cup), also called the Southeast Asian World Cup. 

In 2019, they advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time at the AFC Asian Cup, and succeeded in advancing to the final qualifying round for the first time in history by finishing second in Group G following UAE in the second round of Asian qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

In the men’s soccer event of the Southeast Asian Games held in November, he led the U23 national team and won the gold medal for the first time in the history of unified Vietnam and 60 years after South Vietnam won the championship. 

In the final qualifiers for the World Cup, which began in 2021, Park Hang-seo confirmed the gap between Vietnam and other Asian teams, but after one round, he succeeded in adapting and won 3-1 in China on the Lunar New Year holiday in February 2022, followed by a 1 in Japan expedition. -1 draw and showed potential. 

Park Hang-seo, who also won the Southeast Asian Games held in his country in 2021 and succeeded in winning two consecutive Southeast Asian Games, later handed over the commanding staff of the U23 national team to coach Gong Oh-gyun and devoted himself to the national team. 

In October 2022, Park Hang-seo announced that he would not renew his contract with Vietnam, and in January 2023, he decided to say goodbye to Vietnam after the 2022 AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup. 

Park Hang-seo, who participated in the tournament with ‘Last Dance’, led Indonesia under Shin Tae-yong in the semi-finals and advanced to the final after 4 years, but lost to Thailand and stayed in the runner-up.  온라인바카라

Vietnam, which was ranked 134th in Vietnam’s FIFA (International Football Federation) rankings at the time of appointment, showed a steep rise to 96th in December last year after Park Hang-seo took office. 

The Vietnamese government also recognized Park Hang-seo’s achievements and received a third-class Labor Medal in 2018 and a second-class Labor Medal in August 2020. 

Manager Park Hang-seo said, “I am very grateful to the people of my country, Korean soccer fans. I am working in Vietnam, but I am well aware that you have supported and encouraged me a lot because I am Korean.” It’s not enough, but I think I’ve worked hard. I’m so grateful to the soccer fans and the people who have supported Vietnamese soccer, the national team, and Park Hang-seo for the past five years.” 

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