Why did Ronaldo become a ‘fashion terrorist’?

Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al-Nasr) is the representative ‘fashion terrorist’ in the football world. He is serious about fashion enough to launch a brand called ‘CR7’ named after his name and number, but he himself is famous as a soccer player who can’t wear clothes. 

Ronaldo has perfect skills that are counted among ten fingers in the history of soccer. As much as he is loved by many female fans, he has a beautiful appearance and a perfect body like a robot. Even now, he maintains a body that stands out from players in their twenties. 

But in front of his fashion, he always gets smaller. His fashion sense in plain clothes is so bad that people say, ‘You look the coolest when you’re wearing a uniform’. Even though he has both a face and a body, which are considered the most important in fashion, the absolute law of ‘fawan-eol’ (the face is the completion of fashion) and ‘fawan-body’ (the completion of the fashion is the body) is broken in front of Ronaldo.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) media The National picked 10 soccer players with the worst fashion sense in 2021. Of course, the media, including Ronaldo, pointed out, “When Ronaldo, the best goalscorer of all time, first signed for Manchester United in 2003, he made the mistake of wearing a messy sweater with many colors mixed.” 

At that time, Ronaldo wore a knitted sweater with horizontal and vertical stripes in various colors such as black, yellow, green and red. It has to be considered that it was worn 20 years ago, but the Versace logo was embroidered all over the place, so anyone could see that it was a hectic outfit. 

Ronaldo has preferred to dress up with high-end brands since the beginning of his career. He especially liked the Italian luxury brand Gucci. In a recent photo posted on Instagram, he wore a pique T-shirt with Gucci’s signature pattern and a Givenchy ball cap. 

Ronaldo would go above average even if he wore it casually, but he enjoyed wearing clothes that were too flashy and focused on logo play. Many pointed out that it was unfashionable by matching items with large luxury logos of each company at the same time. Nevertheless, Ronaldo steadfastly adhered to his own fashion philosophy (?). 

Ronaldo often wore a Gucci belt over D-squared pants. (Photo Credit=Getty Images)The overuse of accessories that make fashion shine even more ruined Ronaldo’s fashion. The typical Gucci belt with a big buckle on top of tight skinny jeans was not worth it. Even the droopy necklace he wore frequently didn’t seem to care about the overall outfit and harmony. Ronaldo always backfired by overusing expensive accessories such as bracelets, sunglasses and watches. 

The way he dresses without considering his physical condition is also one of the reasons why he became a fashion terrorist. Ronaldo, who developed his lower body, used to wear ‘skinny jeans’ that showed off his leg line. It may have been to show off his healthy beauty, but there were a lot of voices saying that his skinny jeans fashion was burdensome. Moreover, Ronaldo often wore blunt-shaped sneakers with tight-fitting pants, and his thick lower body stood out even more.  카지노사이트

I often wore items that did not match in the first place. Aside from the physical condition, it is important to wear clothes that suit the mood of the person, and Ronaldo has many cases where he was disappointed in his choice. In 2020, a British media spotlighted Ronaldo wearing a Louis Vuitton Baseball Denim setup. It is a product that costs more than 3 million won in total of the top and bottom, and the fans showed a funny reaction saying, “It looks like pajamas.” Some fans who saw BTS member Suga wearing the same clothes in the ‘Dynamite’ music video left comments saying, ‘I can’t believe it was this kind of clothes.’ 

Ronaldo, who was stigmatized as a fashion terrorist, seems to have quite a bit of fashion sense recently. Although she still loves luxury items, she shows off a relatively neat outfit. The voice pointing out his fashion has also become a little quieter.

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