Why does FC Seoul want Hwang Eui-jo to leave in the summer?

 Hwang Eui-jo (Olympiacos), a striker of the national soccer team, is trying to return to the K-League. His likely destination is FC Seoul.

An official from FC Seoul said, “We are in the process of negotiating with Hwang Ui-jo. Negotiations are underway so that the club or the player can create good synergy, so that good results can come out.”

Hwang Ui-jo, who scored double-digit goals last season as a member of Bordeaux in the French league, signed a contract with Nottingham Forest, which was promoted to the Premier League (EPL) last summer, and then transferred to Olympiacos, a prestigious Greek team run by the same owner, on loan for one season.

However, he failed to adapt to the league and has only posted one assist without scoring in a total of 12 official games this season. In the league, after the 8th round with PAOK in October of last year, he was excluded from the list for 9 consecutive games, and was virtually excluded from the team power.

Hwang Eui-jo is in need of a team that will play an active role for half a season until he returns to his original team, Nottingham Forest, this summer.

Transfers within Europe are not possible. According to FIFA rules, a player can only play in official matches for a maximum of two teams in a season. Hwang Eui-jo played two games for Bordeaux before moving to Olympiacos.

In the end, Hwang Eui-jo has to play in the European League, which runs on the Chunchun Festival (from fall to the following spring), and the Chunchu Festival (spring to fall) league, which does not overlap with the schedule. Currently, the countries that are conducting the spring and autumn league are Korea, Japan, and the United States. Among them, Seoul is leading the way in the battle for Hwang Eui-jo. 바카라

However, since Hwang Eui-jo plans to return to Nottingham this summer and continue his European stage re-challenge, Seoul can only be used for 5-6 months.

It’s a short time, but Seoul needs Hwang Eui-jo. Until Ilyuchenko arrived last summer, Seoul’s biggest weakness was the absence of a reliable forward striker.

Ji Dong-Won could only play 3 games due to frequent injuries, and Park Dong-Jin, who was also appointed as a defender, could not take his place in the front line. The current situation in Seoul ahead of the new season is not much different from last season, so Hwang Eui-jo’s addition can be a great help to the team.

On top of that, Seoul had a poor performance at the beginning of last season and eventually stayed in the lower split and was in danger of relegation. After 1 win and 1 draw in February, they fell to 1 draw and 3 losses in 4 games in March. In March and April, there was only one victory.

If you add national striker Hwang Eui-jo to the existing Ilyuchenko, you can spend the first half of the season completely different from last season.

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