‘Withdrawal of disciplinary pardon’ Fantastic own goal put by the Football Association

On the 28th of last month, the association announced a surprise pardon for 100 disciplinary soccer players.
The media, withdrew after 3 days of fan opposition,
the list of 100 people and the reason for the disciplinary action were not disclosed.

 “The purpose is to give another chance to soccer players who are judged to have sufficiently reflected on their achievements in the World Cup.” 토토사이트

This was the explanation made on the 28th of last month when the Korea Football Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) announced the decision to pardon 100 soccer players under disciplinary action. In 2011, 48 people who were involved in match-fixing in professional football were included, as well as former and incumbent players, coaches, referees, and group executives who committed various misconduct.

It was an explanation that I couldn’t understand no matter how many times I thought about it. I couldn’t figure out where the grounds for fully reflecting on why the World Cup achievements of my juniors were the reason for pardoning offenders were. In addition, there was no explanation at all about the other 52 other than match fixing. The announcement was also made about an hour before the start of the match against Uruguay. It was an act of pretending to be buried secretly when all attention was focused on the game.

The backlash from the press and fans criticizing this decision was strong. Considering the hurt he suffered from the match-fixing incident and his past efforts to restore trust, it was natural. The press and fans still put the match-fixing incident on one side of their hearts, but the association seemed to have forgotten. no i forgot

As the controversy grew, the association held an extraordinary board meeting in three days. Then, the decision to withdraw the disciplinary pardon was made. Chung Mong-gyu, president of the association, said, “Since two years ago, I have been receiving suggestions from front-line soccer players who have asked, ‘Since they have fully reflected on themselves for a long time and have paid for their sins to some extent, how about showing tolerance?’” I considered it my duty as the head,” he explained. It was a remark that could not avoid criticism for taking care of my family.

“As a result, the judgment was not thoughtful,” said Chairman Chung, who bowed his head, saying, “I couldn’t take into account the stricter moral standards and the heightened expectations of the fans looking at the fair ground.”

It was a remark that dismissed the obvious view toward the offender as the fan’s eye level. They also rushed to hide the remaining 52 people. There was no explanation about them in the statement. Rather, the identity of the 48 people involved in match fixing was thoroughly covered. This is why the sincerity was not felt in the association’s apology and reflection. Even at this moment, the players are sweating and running on the ground, and the fans are rooting for such players. Please don’t forget that these are the reasons why the association exists.

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