Woori Card, holding the lead Korean Air and escaping 5 consecutive losses… 3rd Retake

The men’s professional volleyball Woori Card finally broke the chain of losing streaks.

Woori Card defeated Korean Air with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 28-26 25-20) in the home game of the 5th round of the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th.

Woori Card, which succeeded in escaping from 5 consecutive losses, secured 44 points (15 wins, 14 losses) and regained the 3rd place that it had given up to Korea Electric Power Corporation (42 points) in one day.

The performance of the players was brilliant. Riverman Agamez led the attack with 21 points, while Na Gyeong-bok and Song Hee-chae also contributed with 13 points and 9 points, respectively.

Middle blockers Lee Sang-hyeon and Kim Wan-jong recorded 3 blocks each, taking the lead in gaining a 9-2 advantage in the height fight.

A fierce seesaw game took place from the first set, befitting a match between the two teams, which had been tight against each other with 2 wins and 2 losses in their 4 matches this season.

When Korean Air took a 3-point lead with Jeong Ji-seok’s consecutive goals, Woori Card succeeded in scoring consecutively during Agamez’s serve, returning the game to the starting point.

In a tight 22-22 situation, Song Hee-chae’s performance gave Woori Card a chance to win. Song Hee-chae launched a diagonal attack to evade the two-man blocking, and then hit a sub ace to lead to a set point.

Woori Card gave up 1 point due to a sub mistake, but Na Kyung-bok finished the first set with a quick open.

Woori Card, which succeeded in overpowering the baseline, continued the atmosphere. Our card, which created a gap from the beginning of the second set, ran away from 14-11 to 17-11 at once.

Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) blocked Kim Wan-jong, and after the defense, Agamez’s attacks continued to score.

Korean Air tried to change by replacing Yoo Kwang-woo and Lincoln with Han Sun-seon and Lim Dong-hyuk. And as this strategy hit, I followed it step by step and made 22-22.

Woori Card gave Korean Air a set point as Song Hee-chae’s attack went off the court, but Agamez scored and drove it to deuce.

In the situation of 26-26, a controversial scene came out. Korean Air’s Jung Ji-seok collapsed due to an injury in which his little finger was bent during the blocking process.

The volleyball rules state, ‘If a serious accident occurs while the ball is in play, the referee will immediately stop the game and allow medical staff to enter the court. Then the rally begins next’.

When Jeong Ji-seok collapsed on the court and complained of pain, the line referee waved a flag and informed the head and assistant referees of his injury. However, the game continued, and it was only after the ball was dead after Agamez’s attack that a replay was declared.

From Woori Card’s point of view, they lost a chance to score, and Korean Air had no choice but to feel the frustration of waiting for the rally to end in a situation where they needed quick treatment. 카지노사이트

Although Woori Card won the second set with consecutive goals, it was a scene that left both teams feeling uncomfortable.

Even in a chaotic atmosphere, Woori Card showed concentration and finished the match in the 3rd set. In 22-19, Agamez’s open attack seized the victory.

Agamez broke the Korean Air defense 23-20 and led to the match point, and Lincoln’s attack went off the court and the game was won.

On the 14th, Korean Air, which succeeded in escaping from 4 consecutive losses by beating KB Insurance, failed to maintain its momentum and suffered defeat again.

While Jeong Ji-seok struggled with 16 points despite a finger injury, Lincoln (11 points) and Lim Dong-hyuk (10 points) also scored double digits, but they failed to catch the flow and dropped their heads.

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