Yojin Construction Renews Sponsorship Contract with ‘Major Queen’ Hong Ji-won

 Yojin Construction Golf Team has signed a renewal contract with Hong Ji-won, the winner of the 2022 Hanwha Classic, as the main sponsor.

According to Yojin Construction on the 14th, Hong Ji-won, who debuted on the regular tour of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) in 2021, was selected and has been in a relationship since the rookie season. Through this contract, Yojin Construction has extended Hong Ji-won’s main sponsor sponsorship by two years, and Hong Ji-won will wear a costume with Yojin Construction’s logo to participate in the game. He will also participate in various promotional activities for Yojin Construction. 토토사이트

Hong Ji-won of Yojin Construction overcame the course setting that was rated as the most difficult in history at the KLPGA 2022 season ‘Hanwha Classic 2022’ and won her first championship with a final total of 1 over par 289 strokes, making her debut in the second year of her regular tour. She decorated her first win as a ‘major queen’. Hong Ji-won is guaranteed a 3-year seed, the seed for major championships, and has secured a seed until 2025.

Yojin Construction is pleased to be able to continue the relationship with professional Hong Ji-won, who has been with him since the rookie, and said that he will provide generous support so that Hong Ji-won can win again in the 2023 season.

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