“You’re doing martial arts” to Son Heung-min…English commentator who sparked racism controversy leaves company

Martin Tyler is leaving Sky Sports.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported that “Tyler will step down from Sky Sports ahead of the new season. After 33 years of broadcasting, Tyler was recognized by many as the voice of Sky Sports and became one of the most famous commentators in the history of football.” The news of Tyler’s departure comes in the wake of restructuring.

The move is reportedly the result of a restructuring. The Daily Mail reported that “Sky Sports has sacked half of its football coverage team in a bid to cut costs, with some asked to take significant pay cuts. Six of the 13 have been made redundant, some have chosen to leave the company voluntarily and others may move to other positions. In Tyler’s case, it is understood that he has left Sky Sports on good terms, rather than retiring,” he said, explaining the situation between Sky Sports and Tyler.

“It has been a privilege to play a small part in broadcasting history in the world’s greatest league,” Tyler told the UK’s Telegraph. I would like to thank the professional staff for their support and it has been an honor to be part of the team.”

Tyler is a well-known commentator in the UK and among fans at home. He has worked across multiple media outlets, most recently calling the English Premier League (EPL) for Sky Sports, and fans can also hear his voice in the FIFA series of soccer games. His call for Sergio Aguero’s goal against Queens Park Rangers (QPR) in the 2011-12 season, when Manchester City came from behind to win the league title in dramatic fashion, is still replayed alongside the goal.먹튀검증

With fame comes controversy. In June of last year, when Russia invaded Ukraine and the country was at war, Tyler was criticized for saying “Soldier On” after Ukrainian goalkeeper Heorgy Buschan was injured while calling a game for the Ukrainian national team. The phrase, which includes the word for soldier, was taken very personally by Ukrainian fans.

He also caused controversy when he made a racist comment about Son Heung-min. Earlier this month, Tyler was criticized for using the term “martial arts” to describe a foul by Son Heung-min during a match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, which he said was racist against Asians.

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